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Changchun, capital of Jilin Province, in North East China  

Lecture / Essay Application Form

Invitation to submit Essays for the China Changchun International Sculpture Convention 2003 - deadline: 31 March 2003

With the approval of the State Ministry of Culture, Changchun Municipal People's Government and China National Guiding Committee for Urban Sculpture Construction will co-organize the China Changchun International Sculpture Convention 2003.

The Sculpture Convention, with the theme of "Friendship, Peace and Spring", will include a topic lecture forum, non-topic lecture forum, the International Sister Cities Sculpture Symposium and an exhibition of individual sculpture maquettes or sculpture symposium maquettes.

The Sculpture Convention will be held from September 6th to 8th 2003 in Changchun, China.

International sculpture organizations, renowned sculptors, sculpture critics, sculpture educators, fine art critics and Mayors, etc. are welcome to send us proposals for high toned lectures/essays with international perspectives and characteristics.

Please write essays referring to the following topics:

  1. The significance and far-reaching influence of China Changchun International Sculpture Symposia (Changchun hosted 5 sessions between 1997 and 2001)
  2. The trends of and prospects for environmental sculpture in the contemporary world
  3. The role urban sculpture plays in the environment
  4. The art of sculpture and world culture
  5. The construction and management of environmental sculpture
  6. Essays covering the inventive (creative) mind required for sculpture

The subjects of these essays should be very meaningful and where possible include photographs or sketches to be shown to the audience when delivered as lectures. Selected writers/speakers can enhance their speech in the lecture forums through the use of slide shows, videos and multimedia, etc.

If you have an interest in exhibiting during this three day Sculpture Convention, please proceed as follows:

1. Before March 31st 2003, please fax, express, or email your essays (between one and three proposals) in either Chinese, English and French, in A4 format, preferably in electronic format on diskette or CD (handwritten essays will have to be refused). Send to Miss Lju Hexin (Olivia) at Be sure to include your full contact details with your proposal if sent separately from this Application Form. Also include a passport size photo, as well as a photo of yourself in life.

2. Please fill out the Application Form on this webpage today and include your curriculum vitae (or send that as a separate e-mail, again with your full contact details).

All applicants' essays will be carefully and extensively reviewed before being approved and confirmed by nationally noted experts.

If your essay is selected your will receive a formal invitation to Changchun for the International Sculpture Convention 2003.

We will provide you with the following if you are selected: 1. Invitation to China Changchun International Sculpture Convention 2003 and specifically an invitation to attend the academic forum and speak (lecture). 2. Your essay will be published in a book entitled "Choice Essays on Sculpture", and a diploma and souvenir will be issued to you by the Organizing Committee as well as a copy of the book after publication. 3. We will provide hotel accommodation and meals and cover other relevant costs during the duration of the Sculpture Convention.

Office of the Organizing Committee of China Changchun International Sculpture Convention 2003

Note that all proposals must arrive by 28 February 2003, either by post (allow enough time for your package to arrive) or electronically by e-mail.

Gender: Male  Female
Language(s) spoken:
Post / Zip Code:
Topic of Essay/Lecture:
Summary or description of Essay/Lecture:
Curriculum Vitae:
How did you hear
about this event?
Comments or Enquiry:

Note that in addition to submitting the Application you must send all proposed essays/lectures by 31 March 2003, either by post (allow enough time for your package to arrive) or electronically by e-mail to Miss Lju Hexin (Olivia) at - please include your full contact details in any e-mail.


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