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Sculpture Convention 2003

Changchun, capital of Jilin Province, in North East China  

Practical Information

The following practical information is for anyone wishing to attend the International Sculpture Convention 2003 in Changchun, China on 6th, 7th and 8th of September 2003. Attendees bringing a sculpture to exhibit (if their proposal was accepted) may plan to arrive in Changchun between 2-3 September to allow for getting over jet lag and installation of their sculpture within the exhibition, and should ideally schedule their departure time between 9-10 September.

Conference Location:
Changchun, Jilin Province (part of what used to be known as Manchuria) - 10 hours by overnight train or one and half hours flight from the capital city of Beijing. The Convention (Conference format, forums, sculpture exhibition, etc.) will take place within the new Changchun Convention Center complex.

Language and money:
The language spoken in this area of China is Mandarin Chinese (Putonghua). The currency is Yuan (known as RMB). The cost of an average taxi fare in Changchun is 5 Yuan. Meals can be as little as 20 Yuan for a full dinner (but may be much higher). Hotel rooms range around 250 Yuan for a night. (Note: your accommodation and meals for the duration of the actual International Sculpture Convention MAY be covered by the Organizers IF you are an invited guest, but you will be expected to pay for your own expenses if you stay on after the conference or arrive several days beforehand). The cost of a round trip flight from Beijing to Changchun is approximately 2500 Yuan (approx. USD 230). The round trip by train from Beijing to Changchun costs approximately 500 Yuan. You should book the inland flight at the same time as you book your international flight and also ask your travel agent to book your train ticket if you prefer the train option.

Probable Sculpture Convention Format (to be confirmed):
Opening Welcome Ceremony

Forum with daily Lectures by experts in the field with Question and Answer time (see topics)
International Sculpture Exhibition presenting (hopefully) 400 sculpture maquettes no larger than 1 metre in dimension

Closing Ceremony of International Sister-Cities Sculpture Symposium 2003

How to get there:
All attendees should book their flights to Beijing and then a further flight from the same airport to Changchun (Jilin province) or take an overnight train. Only invited guests (selected by the Organizing Committee) will be reimbursed for these expenses.

Sculptors bringing a selected sculpture maquette to exhibit (see procedure for entry) should plan to arrive two days before the start of the International Sculpture Convention (i.e. on the 4th of September). The Organizers will welcome these sculptors at Changchun airport or train station and take them to a hotel which will serve as the headquarters for the Convention.

The International Sculpture Convention starts on Saturday 6th of September in the morning and will end on the Monday 8th of September in the evening. Plan to arrive at least one full day before so you can orient yourself within the city. As the exact planning unfolds, further information about the schedule will be posted here so please check back.

For general attendees, taxis are available from the airport or the station to their hotel.

Sculptors bringing a formally selected sculpture (see Sculpture Exhibition Application Form) and Lecturers (see Lecture/Essay Application Form) as well as all other invited guests can be expected to be greeted by the Organizing Committee at the airport or train station provided they have communicated their arrival details.

Changchun airport is located approximately half an hour from the city centre.

What to bring:
It can be very hot in Changchun at this time of the year and it may even rain, so bring suntan lotion, a sun hat, umbrella or very light raincoat, comfortable summer type clothes and at least one evening outfit for a Gala type party.

You will not require immunizations but it is a good idea to bring insect repellent as when visiting any hot area.

Applying for a visa:
All visitors to China require a visa. You should plan to visit the Chinese Embassy in your country at least two weeks prior to your departure. Applying for a Visitor's visa is a simple procedure (or you can ask your travel agent to do it for you). You do not require an invitation letter for a Visitor's visa but may bring one if you have received it.

Who to contact:
Changchun Municipal Urban Sculpture Planning and Management Office
No. 53 Tongzhi Street, Changchun city, Jilin Province, P.R.China 130021
+86-- 431--5655930 - ask for Olivia (Miss Lju Hexin)
E-mail: - please put "Referred by Laury" in subject header of your e-mail.


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