Sculptor Laury Dizengremel signs all her works with the initials ALD (for Anne-Laure Dizengremel) - click here to return to the HOME PAGE
laury dizengremel
Award-winning sculptor Laury Dizengremel at work on one of her figurative sculptures - a Tennis Terracotta Warrior for the ATP and Master Cup Shanghai

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Sculptor Laury Dizengremel signs all her works with the initials ALD (for Anne-Laure Dizengremel) - click here to return to the HOME PAGE

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In no particular order, here's a taste of pages on this website:

 Tennis Terracotta Warriors: Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and more...

Abstract sculpture: "Log Henge - Spirits of the Forest" sculpture installation in Montana, 2010

"Belvoir 3Rs" Reclaimed, Recycled, Raw Sculpture Trail

Gravity Fields"Tsunami Memorial" Kunming, China 2005 - a monument that incorporates a relief sculpture

Arte Para Todos: "Children = Future" sculpture for UN in Honduras, 2004

International Sculpture Symposia monumental sculptures Vietnam - 2003 & 2004

Installation sculptures in the Jardins de Bois-Guilbert, Normandy, France, 2003

"Faces of China" solo exhibition of sculptures, The Waitrose Gallery, Brighton, 2003

Snow sculpture created in Harbin, China, 2001

Pictures of East Meets West sculpture

China Changchun International Sculpture Symposium 2001

Bronze sculpture portrait of Chick Corea

Laury as Carl Roehrig's Guest Artist in Hamburg!!!

Send comments, requests for purchase or commission to:

Or call any of the following agents:

UK address: c/o Agent - Philip Wicks: 25 St Johns Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 3LG, England
Tel: +44 (0) 1342 324604

Laury's UK studio:
Tel: +44 (01476) 879 071
USA addresses:
c/o Agent - Ian Krieger: Dunedin, Florida, USA
Tel: +1 (727) 733-9575
c/o Agent - Carla Schade: Seeley Lake, Montana, USA
Tel: +1 (406) 677-0642

China address: c/o Zhang Yaxi - Huang Jueping, ChongQing, 400053, China
Tel: +86 (0) 23 65 92 22 79
Ireland address: c/o Agent - Siobhan Ryan, Ashburn, County Meath, Ireland
Tel: +35 3 (0) 85 1450170
Canada address: c/o Agent - Maguite Wilkens: 266 Glenlake Avenue, Toronto,
Ontario, M6P 1G1, Canada
Tel: (416) 769 4976

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