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Belvoir "3Rs: Recycled, Reclaimed, Raw" Sculpture Trail

Sculpture Challenge / Sculpture Competition / Sculpture Symposium 2011

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3Rs: Reclaimed, Recycled, Raw - 3Rs Sculpture Trail

A new rural sculpture trail has now been created in the Vale of Belvoir on the Lincolnshire / Leicestershire border. This is the result of an educational working sculpture symposium which took place during the academic Easter break of 2011.

The 3Rs: Recycled, Reclaimed, Raw Sculpture Trail is an artist-led initiative by sculptor Laury Dizengremel, who garnered the support of the Duke and Duchess of Rutland at Belvoir Castle, British Waterways, the Grantham Canal Society, Melton Borough Council and advice from South Kesteven's Waste Officer. The project was made possible by a generous donation from Christie's auction house (European office).

Below is a video which shows an overview of the Sculpture Symposium and creation of the 3Rs Sculpture Trail.

2012 sculpture installation by Laury Dizengremel and kids from Lincolnshire schools for 3Rs Reclaimed, Recycled, Raw sculpture trail - click here for more details

"2012" sculpture installation by Laury Dizengremel and kids from Lincolnshire schools - more...
Wood Henge sculpture installation by Laury Dizengremel, students from Belvoir High School and primary schools in Leicestershire - click here for more details

"Wood Henge" sculpture installation by Laury Dizengremel, students from Belvoir High School and primary schools in Leicestershire -  more...
Family Gathering, deer sculptures by Courtney Lee - click here for more details

"Family Gathering" by Courtney Lee, welded metal sculpture - more...
Location I by Denise Sowden

"Location I" an artist map by Denise Sowdenmore...
Doors by Hannah Satchwell sculpture installation of 5 reclaimed doors - click here for more details

"Doors" by Hannah Satchwell sculpture installation of 5 reclaimed doors - more...
Herme's Art Room by Douglas Kirk Bellamy - click here for more details

"Herme's Art Room" by Douglas Kirk Bellamymore...
Rothko's Vein by Robbie Scandrett - sculpture installation of dead tree sections & pigment, more...

"Rothko's Vein" by Robbie Scandrett, sculpture installation of dead tree sections & pigment - more...
A467-2 by Ryan Curtis and Ryan Kerslake, welded metal sculpture - more...

"A467-2" by Ryan Curtis and Ryan Kerslake, welded metal sculpture - more...
Luciana - Coming to the Light by Donnas Peterson - more...

"Luciana" (Coming to the Light) by Donnas Peterson, direct concrete sculpture - more...
Wheat by Richard Chandler - click here for more details

"Wheat" by Richard Chandler,  reclaimed metal sculpture - more...
Second Hand Rain by Chloe Jane Chandler - click here for more details

"Second Hand Rain" by Chloe Jane Chandler, reclaimed metal, goal posts and bags - more...
Blue Bird by Lorna Green, kinetic sculpture installation - more...

"Blue Bird" by Lorna Green, kinetic sculpture installation - more...

Eleven photo credits above: Zita Tatrai
Except for last:  Lorna Green photo

Our 2011 Sponsors / Patrons / Supporters were:

Belvoir Castle logo

Christie's Auction House

British Waterways supported the 3Rs Reclaimed, Recycled, Raw Sculpture Trail

Grantham Canal Association logo

Mid-UK Recycling donated recycled materials to the sculpture trail

Melton Borough Council

2011 Contributors of materials for the sculptures:
Brewers - B & Q - Jackson Building Centres - Jewson Builders Merchant - Kilgraney Sleepers - M & B Sacks Limited - Mid-UK Recycling Ltd - Wickes

2011 Host restaurants for the team of artists:
The Manners Arms, Knipton - The Windmill Inn & The Peacock Inn, Redmile - Welby Arms, Denton

2011 Special thanks for assistance / support from: Their Graces the Duke and Duchess of Rutland, British Waterways, Bo Jones - art teacher at Belvoir High School, Chandlers Farm Equipment Ltd, Christie's Europe Limited, Dr.Deidre and Dr. Andrew Gallop, Simon Gent, The Grantham Canal Society, Kevin & Barbara Lawry, Lol Crafer, Long Clawson Dairy, Phil & Carrie O'Brien, Kevin Osborne, Nigel Pacey and his crew of helpers, Andrew Pendleton, Sainsburys, Paul & Hesta Sheardown, Peter Sheardown, Phil Sowden, Mike Stone, Liz & Bobby Taylor, Nigel  Pacey,103 FM The Eye Melton Mowbray, Joe Caneen and Zita Tatrai plus the many who contributed in various ways (you know who you are).

Location of 3Rs: Recycled, Reclaimed, Raw Sculpture Trail:
Winding its way along the Grantham Canal, between Woolsthorpe-by-Belvoir and Stenwith bridges (near an ancient 
pub known both as the "Rutland Arms" and the "Dirty Duck" on the edge of the tiny village of Woolsthorpe-by-Belvoir) this sculpture trail is wheelchair accessible in part and takes in many wonderful perspectives onto Belvoir Castle along the way. Visitors can walk the whole trail or just part of it.  It is also accessible from a bicycle path.

Great location with view to Belvoir Castle beyond

A national sculpture competition was launched in December 2010 and closed on 31 January 2011 to attract submissions from art students all over the UK as well as emerging artists within 10 years of  graduation.

Six participants for this first leg of the Trail were selected by a panel of judges. Another five participants were invited by Laury (two students, three guest artists). Seasoned public artist / sculptor Laury Dizengremel mentored the art students to create their first public artworks, assisting them in creating large-scale outdoor sculptures and sculpture installations made from sustainable sculpture materials sourced locally and donated by members of the Vale of Belvoir community.

The panel of judges included:
Her Grace, the Duchess of Rutland
Mr. Harvey Proctor, Private Secretary to the Duke and Duchess of Rutland
Ms. Dee Sowden, Arts Officer for Melton Borough (Leicestershire)
Mr. Rinus Van de Sande, Owner of Broomhill Sculpture Gardens (Devon) and curator of the National Sculpture Prize
Mr. Paul Sheardown, Farmer (tenant of Belvoir Estate)
Ms. Lorna Green, Sculptor
Ms. Laury Dizengremel, Sculptor

Artists invited from the national competition were:

Chloe Jane Chandler, studying for a BA at the University for the Creative Arts Canterbury (UCA)

"SECOND HAND RAIN" (Jury's First prize)

Chloe Jane Chandler's SECOND HAND RAIN - sculpture entry for 3Rs Sculpture Competition

Robbie Scandrett, graduated from a BA at Guildford University

"RAW NATURE" (Jury's Second prize)

RAW NATURE entry by Robbie Scandrett for the 3Rs Sculpture Trail

Hannah Satchwell, on a BA at Norwich College of Art


DOORS installation sculpture project by Hannah Satchwell for the 3Rs: Reclaimed, Recycled, Raw Sculpture Trail

Courtney Lee, graduated from a BA in Art History at Oxford Brookes University


Courtney Lee's sculpture proposal for the 3Rs sustainable materials sculpture trail

Ryan Curtis & Ryan Kerslake, students at the University of Plymouth


Entry by Ryan Curtis and Ryan Kerslake from the University of Plymouth

Artists participated by special invitation:

Douglas Kirk Bellamy, final year GCSE student at Belvoir High School, Bottesford


Richard Chandler, first year GCSE student at Belvoir High School, Bottesford


Donnas Peterson, ceramic artist, Grimsby (Lincs)


Lorna Green,  environmental artist, Cheshire


Denise Sowden,  map artist, Long Clawson (Leics)


Laury also opened the Belvoir "3Rs" Sculpture Trail challenge to GCSE art students of Belvoir High School in Bottesford, to 6 Primary Schools in the Vale of Belvoir (Leicestershire), and a further 9 schools in the Grantham area (Lincolnshire), involving them in two separate large-scale sculptures.

Selected artists came to Belvoir Castle Estate during the academic Easter break 2011 to create their sculptures "symposium style", hosted for two weeks, from Saturday 16th April to Saturday 30th of April 2011.

There was a formal unveiling of the Belvoir 3Rs: Recycled, Reclaimed, Raw Sculpture Trail on Saturday 30th of April at 2 pm.
Photos of the unveiling will be posted soon!

Looking ahead to the next instalment... do please get in touch!

Opportunities for Volunteers:
Members of the local community will again be asked to volunteer to assist the artists during the two weeks (any time slot, all skills welcome), and there will be plenty of other volunteerism opportunities on this project such as preparing lunch and dinner for all symposium participants in Woolsthorpe-by-Belvoir, so do get in touch if you would like to be involved!

Opportunities to Host an Artist / to Host the Entire Symposium for a meal:
We will need host families willing to house one or several guest artists during the two week period, preferably within Woolsthorpe-by-Belvoir itself or at most within a 5-10 miles. We have to provide the artists with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. and would gratefully accept any offer to host the entire symposium (9 artists + 3 support team = 12 people) for meals in local pubs /restaurants. Any host pub or restaurant will be acknowledged as a sponsor.

Calls for Donations of Materials - reclaimable junk / recyclables / raw stuff:
If you have junk to donate, old objects/machinery/stuff that can be reclaimed or any raw material donations - don't hold back...

Calls for Donations of Sponsorship / Cash / Funding:
Although every effort will be made to obtain as many in-kind donations of services as possible and to find volunteer host families to house our selected artists... and although we plan to use mainly sustainable materials, a small amount of structural steel, foundation materials and the like will need to be purchased. Participants need to be fed and their travel expenses covered. Volunteers will need their out-of-pocket expenses reimbursed.
The organising and mentoring has a cost-value. All donations of cash / funding will be gratefully accepted and donors will be acknowledged by a plaque at the start of the trail.

All competitor, volunteer, host and donor enquiries
contact Laury via e-mail or by phone on +44 (0)7725 555048

Think along the lines of: Reclaimed, Recycled, Raw!

More information about this planned sculpture trail and expressions of interest from art students in the UK should be sent to:

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