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Belvoir "3Rs: Reclaimed, Recycled, Raw" Sculpture Trail

Sculpture Symposium 2011

Douglas Kirk Bellamy  "Herme's Art Room"

3Rs: Reclaimed, Recycled, Raw - 3Rs Sculpture Trail

GCSE art student Douglas Kirk was invited to take part in a sculpture symposium in the UK which took place during the Spring of 2011 in Woolsthorpe-by-Belvoir.

Mentored by sculptor Laury Dizengremel who hosted the event, Douglas had previously created an earlier large version of "Herme" in mod roc over a wood and metal armature as part of his GCSE coursework at Belvoir High School in Bottesford, as well as over a hundred smaller versions in clay to the delight of artist Bo Jones who teaches the GCSE art students at the school. 

During the 3Rs Sculpture Symposium Douglas took the concept a step further, learning to weld (taught by the Duke of Rutland's brother-in-law Lol Crafer) and to weave willow and twigs, creating "Herme's Art Room" over a rebar armature.

A willow sculpture over a rebar armature created by Douglas Kirk Bellamy during the 3Rs Sculpture Symposium 2011

photo credit: Zita Tatrai

Located along the west bank of the Grantham Canal between the Woolsthorpe lock and Stenwith bridges, the sculpture is a larger than lifesize willow sculpture which sits in a sympathetic rural setting, on the edge of land farmed by Paul Sheardown.

The rebar in the armature was donated by Jacksons in Grantham, while some of the tie wire was donated by Jewsons in Grantham. The sculpture was lifted into place thanks to a cherry picker kindly loaned by Chandler's Farm Equipment Ltd in Grantham, with the assistance of Joe Caneen who operated the machine.

The 3Rs: Reclaimed, Recycled, Raw Sculpture Trail is an artist-led initiative by sculptor Laury Dizengremel, who garnered the support of the Duke and Duchess of Rutland at Belvoir Castle and received for the project a major donation from Christie's auction house (European office).

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Think along the lines of: Reclaimed, Recycled, Raw!

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