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Belvoir "3Rs: Reclaimed, Recycled, Raw" Sculpture Trail

Sculpture Symposium 2011

Collaborative Sculpture Installation
Laury Dizengremel and youth from Leicestershire
"Belvoir Wood Henge / Belvoir Woodhenge"

3Rs: Reclaimed, Recycled, Raw - 3Rs Sculpture Trail

Completed in March 2011 "Belvoir Wood Henge" is a collaborative sculpture installation by Laury Dizengremel and pupils from 6 primary schools in Leicestershire as well as 33 students from Belvoir High School. It was created for the 3Rs sculpture trail along the Grantham Canal, a stone's throw from Belvoir Castle where Laury is artist in residence.

Primary school sculpture workshops were conducted by Laury in January and February 2011 in Croxton Kerrial, Stathern, Redmile, Bottesford, Swallowdale and Sherard Primary schools, involving hundreds of students in hands-on workshops.

The secondary school students were first given workshops at Belvoir High School, then the students came to Laury's studio to work on their individual beams.

Wood Henge is a collaborative sculpture installation by Laury Dizengremel and pupils from 6 primary schools in Leicestershire as well as 33 students from Belvoir High School created for the 3Rs sculpture trail

photo credit: Joe Caneen

Various images of this woodhenge

Sited on land owned by the Duke of Rutland, this wood henge insallation is part of a sculpture trail which runs northward from Woolsthorpe-by-Belvoir's lock bridge towards Stenwith bridge.

These 40 beams were reclaimed by a supplier of railroad sleepers in the area and bought by Laury then painted during workshops by kids from the primary schools and by thirty three Year 10 students from Belvoir High School.

Laury's artist statement for the piece: "
Working with hundreds of primary school children on the Leicestershire side of the Vale of Belvoir on six of the beams and with Year 10 students from Belvoir High School on thirty three of them, this installation is a distant cousin to the Log Henge I created last year in Montana (USA).  I hoped it would be even more erratic an effect, but try "ordering about" a bunch of 14-15 year olds enjoying a creative outdoor experience... it's futile, and serendipity is an artist's secret weapon."

Many thanks to all those who helped with lthe installation!!!  And a big thank you for their generous discount to Kilgraney RAILWAY SLEEPERS suppliers

The 3Rs: Reclaimed, Recycled, Raw Sculpture Trail is an artist-led initiative by sculptor Laury Dizengremel, who garnered the support of the Duke and Duchess of Rutland at Belvoir Castle.
This specific sculpture was backed by Melton Borough Council and received the "Inspire Leicestershire" brand.

Melton Borough Council

Inspire Culture - Inspire Leicestershire

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Think along the lines of: Reclaimed, Recycled, Raw!

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