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East meets West - in progress

China Changchun International Sculpture Symposium 2001

One of the most exciting events of my professional career as a sculptor!

Creating a monumental bronze sculpture for an urban setting - in this case the World Sculpture Park in Changchun, the capital of Jilin Province in China, is something I have dreamed of all my life.

A Changchun official found my website in January 2001 and invited me to apply to participate in this sculpture symposium which stands out amongst all sculpture symposia in the world as the largest in scope.

79 sculptors in total (56 foreign and 23 Chinese sculptors) fraternized for two months from July to September 2001 hosted by the very warm and supportive Organizing Committee comprised of Urban Planning officials from the city of Changchun and some of China's leading authorities on sculpture.

I made friends amongst these sculptors - too numerous to mention. They came from Greece, Bangladesh, Israel, Canada, Nigeria, Chile, Peru, Columbia, Argentina, Mali, Benin, Mauritius, Armenia, Syria, Russia, Norway, Ireland, England, Belgium, Luxemburg, Kyrgystan, Kazhakstan, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Ghana, Korea, Croatia, Australia, New Zealand (click here for poetry by John Bevan Ford), the US and other countries... They also came from all corners of China.

I was helped by many and by Chinese sculptor Chen Lian Fu in particular. But also by sculptors Bo Haining, Lin Zi Jie and Zhang Yaxi to whom I am very grateful.

Other people in Changchun who were very supportive were official photographer Bai Yu Liang, Urban Planning staff member and lead interpreter Liu Hexin (Olivia), my interpreters Jiang He and Lixue, and Xu Huaiwu (who invited me to apply originally).

As the French sculptor, I was honoured at the Closing Ceremony on 9 September by the presence of the (then) French Ambassador to China, Mr. Pierre Morel, as well as the (then) Cultural Attache Mr. Patrick Michel. Another great pleasure was meeting Mr. Jeff Nathanson, the (then) President of the International Sculpture Centre in New Jersey and members of his staff. There were numerous interviews with the media during and at the close of the Symposium. See an article in the China Daily online. Also see an excerpt from the Exchange - Innovation - Development book. Plus details of the finished bronze sculpture.

My sculpture was placed on permanent exhibition in Changchun's World Sculpture Park, and re-inaugurated there in 2003 - when the city also hosted the World Sculpture Convention 2003.


Please be patient while the pictures load - this is the only page on my site where the files are rather large...

The entire project took two months to complete. I started by modelling 10 Chinese faces in clay, approximately one and half times lifesize each. Subjects included an old beggar, Chinese-Canadian sculptor Judi Michelle Young and interpreter Lixue, below.

Three of the 10 clay portraits

Then I had moulds made (light enough to bring home to England afterwards) and created over 40 casts of these faces at different angles.

Plaster casts which I used in the final composition of East Meets West

After this, with technical advice and help from Chinese Sculptor Chen Lian Fu, I had a large, circular steel armature welded. Below, Chen Lian Fu, his assistant and I.

Working on the finer points of the armature

Using this armature I created the final Tai-Chi (or Yin Yang) shaped sculpture, which I called "East Meets West". The picture below shows the front of the sculpture nearing completion. It is 450 cm (4.5 metres) in diameter.

Working on the scaffold...

Chen Lian Fu and I made portraits of each other which I then placed on the rear of the sculpture along with a quote by philosopher L. Ron Hubbard about peace on earth. Below is my portrait by Chen Lian Fu. I represent the West part of the overall sculpture!

Portrait of Laury by Chinese sculptor Chen Lien Fu

Below... in front of the plaster original "tarted up" with paint and shoe polish for the Closing Ceremony, talking with the Ambassador.

French Ambassador and Laury in front of East Meets West - still in coloured plaster

Zhang Ya Xi (the only Chinese woman sculptor at the Symposium and now a real soul-mate type friend), myself in the middle and Monsieur l'Ambassadeur de France en Chine - M. Pierre Morel

Zhang Ya Xi, Laury and French Ambassador to China

The finished "East Meets West" sculpture in bronze - Shengli Park (Changchun) prior to being relocated to its permanent home in the Changchun World Sculpture Park. Click here for detail pics of the work.

East Meets West in bronze

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