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Sculpture Commission by the ATP for the Tennis Master Cup Shanghai - 2007

Master Cup Shanghai Tennis Warrior statues of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic along with 5 as yet un-named qualifiers

Words from the Artist, Laury Dizengremel: "The statues are a perfect representation of what this tournament is all about - the best in the world brought together to do battle. The models are complicated to make, because we have to ensure the bodies are an accurate rendering of the real Terracotta Army, plus we have to realistically capture the features of some of the most recognised tennis players in the world.

I think [the players] all thought it was basically a good idea. Who wouldn't - it's a brilliant concept. Federer seemed very happy with his warrior in Madrid. With Nadal, there's so much going on at the tournament that I don't expect him to show too much reaction, but he seemed chuffed as well." Talk magazine (Shanghai publication) sports article.

The first 3 Tennis Master Cup Shanghai 2007 qualifiers shown as tennis terracotta warriors by Laury Dizengremel and her sculptor colleagues Shen Xiaonan and Zhang Yaxi, from left to right:
 Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and
Novak Djokovic

Media pages for sculpture series on this website: Daily Telegraph - Sunday Times  (England)
Sports Illustrated - Tennis Magazine - Shanghai Morning PostChengdu Business Journal - Chongqing Morning Post - Shanghai City Weekend and Talk Magazine (China) 
France 2 / Stade 2 French TV - L'Equipe Sport (France)

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Article copyright: Talk Magazine Shanghai (China)
Copyright all tennis warrior sculptures images: ATP
Please note: since all visual records officially belong to the ATP, I am grateful to be able to use them here and request they not be downloaded or used without the express permission of the


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