Laury Dizengremel

Current public sculpture projects:

Rough maquette Emily Williamson commemorative statue

Currently short-listed for Emily Williamson memorial statue
Virginia Woolf, lifesize full figure statue for Richmond-Upon-Thames
William Morris, maquette for lifesize statue for Hammersmith

Recent public sculpture projects:
David 'Bomber' Pearce Boxing Memorial
Newport, Wales
Lancelot "Capability" Brown Sculpture
Distillery Wharf, Thames Walk, Hammersmith, London

Award-winning sculptor Laury Dizengremel at work on one of her figurative sculptures - a Tennis Terracotta Warrior for the ATP and Master Cup Shanghai

sculptor     designer    consultant     art educator

Click here for figurative sculpture - portrait or bust commission examplesClick here for a portfolio of monumental sculptures by award-winning sculptor Laury DizengremelClick here for Animal Sculptures - dog busts and whole figure horses


Why choose Laury to commission a lifesize sculpture?

How does Laury create a lifesize sculpture?

An Artist-Led Initiative: Lancelot 'Capability' Brown


Why Does Laury Often Cast in China?

The Duchess of Rutland, Gregor Murray & John Refault: About Laury

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